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Mechanical Insulation: Top 10 Reasons To Use In Your Asphalt Facility

Why insulate your asphalt facility?

The information and benefits of insulating your asphalt plant are pretty straight forward. The most convincing reason for insulating your plant is reduced energy costs, and the financial savings associated with insulating hot pipes, valves, and flanges.

Because the information available is sometimes not enough to convince everyone, we've come up with our list of even more reasons to insulate your facility.

Top 10 Reasons To Insulate Your Asphalt Facility:

  1. Reduces consumption of fuel

  2. Improves process control

  3. Reduces workload on pumps and heating equipment

  4. Prevents personal injury resulting from contact with heated surfaces

  5. Improves plant efficiency

  6. Reduces emissions

  7. Improves valve operation

  8. Reduces the need for propane torches

  9. Payback period is generally less than one year

  10. Excellent long-term return on insulation investment

For Installation Services:

Benefits of Insulating Your Asphalt Facility:
•  Hotter Asphalt
•  Workplace Safety
•  Reduction In Fuel Costs

"All I care about is how much money I can save your asphalt plant and how quickly you see the return on your investment... generally 9 months."

– Ray Braun



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