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JWrap Industrial Insulation

JWrap Insulation is a product originally developed for our own usage while insulating hot asphalt and other plants. It is multi-purpose and specifically useful for insulating unique, irregular components in facilities using hot oil or steam heating systems. JWrap has a variety of usages and applications.

Our insulation product is well-suited for industries that are energy intensive and that use hot asphalt, hot oil or steam heating systems:


Asphalt Plants


Chemical Processing Plants

Paper & Steel Mills

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We specialize in designing, installing, and consulting hot mix clients, and others, on industrial plant insulation systems that will save significant amounts of fuel.

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Material Specification

JWrap Insulation is available in a continuous roll, in a variety of standard sizes, with and without velcro.

Inner Lining

  • 1/2 ” thick flexible 1200 degree needled fiberglass heavy density matt

  • tensile strength

  • not likely to be compressed

  • structurally sound


Outer Lining

  • Silicon-Coated Fiberglass Cloth

  • Rated to 500 degrees

  • Resist water and weather



  • Kevlar thread

Available with and without velcro:

  • Without velcro for more flexibility to fit multiple sizes

  • With velcro for smaller diameter pipe (hot transfer hoses, hot piping and more)


Maximum operating temperature 400 degrees.


Usage & Applications

  • Short runs of pipe with 90 degree elbows

  • Unions or couplings

  • Pipes with close clearance

  • Straight pipe

  • Valves

  • Flanges

  • Pumps

  • Basket strainers

  • Hot oil transfer hoses

  • Fittings

  • Irregular-shaped components


Insulate your facility for hotter oil and asphalt


Insulate your asphalt plant for a fuel savings of $20+ per foot*

* Reference Theoretical Energy Savings Information


Insulate your hot pipes for a safer workplace and facility

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