Insulation Project


Asphalt Insulation Project Stamford, Connecticut

This is a typical insulation project for our company – a hot mix asphalt plant project in Stamford, Connecticut, where we are contracted to insulate several hundred feet of asphalt line, and hot oil supply & return lines.

Below are photos and several short video links that show what we have insulated at this facility to improve energy efficiency and maintain hot oil temperatures.

We specialize in “hard to insulate” areas of a plant, making sure that everything that is hot gets insulated.

We specialize in "hard to insulate" areas of a plant:
•  Flanged 90-degree elbows

•  Flange valves
•  Pumps
•  Transfer hoses

•  Baskets

•  Irregular surfaces


"All I care about is how much money I can save your asphalt plant and how quickly you see the return on your investment... generally 9 months."

– Ray Braun



Insulation Services

We specialize in designing, installing, and consulting hot mix clients, and others, on industrial plant insulation systems that will save significant amounts of fuel.

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Hot Oil Transfer Hose Insulation

Several feet of 5 inch jacketed pipe and 3/4 hot oil pipe have been insulated in a watershed fashion, and for best appearance.

Watch Video (:46 min)


4-inch Pump Insulated for Energy Savings

Insulating a 4-inch pump is difficult, and time-consuming. But, it is well worth the effort in improving the energy efficiency of an asphalt plant.

Watch Video (1:55 min)


Uninsulated Flanged 90-degree Elbow

There is significant heat loss in these difficult to insulate 90-degree elbows – likely $100 per elbow per year.

Watch Video (:51 min)


Hot Oil Supply and Return Lines

Insulated and weather-proofed hot oil supply and return lines along with non-flanged valves and a flanged actuator.

Watch Video (:32 min)


Stainless Steel Hot Oil Hoses

These flexible, braided, stainless steel hoses are insulated with a thick, high temperature, heavy density mat insulation.

Watch Video (:50 min)


90-Degree Flange Elbow with Elbow Valve


Many insulation companies fail to insulate flanges 90-degrees, flange valves, and hot oil transfer lines. They are hard to insulate but there is a tremendous amount of heat loss if these are left without insulation.


Watch Video (1:55 min)

Hot Oil Jacketed Asphalt Pipe


These vertical and horizontal hot oil jacketed pipes rise from the production area into the tower of the batch plant.

Watch Video (:38 min)

Tank Head Insulation Upgrade

After the heating element is upgraded on a storage tank, the insulation is patched at the end of the tank.

Watch Video (1:06 min)