Hotter Asphalt


Hotter Asphalt Is An Added Benefit Of Insulating Your Facility!

Many asphalt plants already know that insulating hot pipes reduces heat loss.

Did you know that insulating your facility results in hotter and more consistent quality mixes?


While there are numerous reasons to insulate your plant – energy cost reduction and worker safety – overlooked benefits include process controls, system workloads, and hotter asphalt.

To Improve Asphalt Mix Quality:

Insulating storage tanks, manways, exposed hot pipes, and flexible hoses supports the need to maintain high-quality asphalt mixes that are consistent and hotter in temperate. Insulation also reduces the workload on pumps and heating equipment, and it can prolong their life because there is less demand on these systems to keep asphalt at the right temperature.


What's the result of insulating your facility? Quality control and your increased ability to meet the most complex customer's asphalt needs.

Benefits of Insulating Your Asphalt Facility:
•  Hotter Asphalt
•  Workplace Safety
•  Reduction In Fuel Costs

"All I care about is how much money I can save your asphalt plant and how quickly you see the return on your investment... generally 9 months."

– Ray Braun


Insulation Services

We specialize in designing, installing, and consulting hot mix clients, and others, on industrial plant insulation systems that will save significant amounts of fuel.

Material sales

Design recommendations

Energy audits & fuel savings estimates

Installation by skilled installers


Insulate your facility for hotter oil and asphalt


Insulate your asphalt plant for a fuel savings of $20+ per foot*

* Reference Theoretical Energy Savings Information


Insulate your hot pipes for a safer workplace and facility

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