Insulation Project


Finished Asphalt Tank Head Insulation

We used Venture clad on this finished tank, and it turned out beautiful.


Voice of Ray Braun, Energy Advisor
Energy Reduction Solutions

This is the finished tank head that we just completed. The client is pleased with the end results. It looks good and it is watertight. It should last 20 years or 30 years – a long, long time. This is the Venture clad. It came out great.

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"All I care about is how much money I can save your asphalt plant and how quickly you see the return on your investment... generally 9 months."

– Ray Braun


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We specialize in designing, installing, and consulting hot mix clients, and others, on industrial plant insulation systems that will save significant amounts of fuel.

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Insulate your facility for hotter oil and asphalt


Insulate your asphalt plant for a fuel savings of $20+ per foot*

* Reference Theoretical Energy Savings Information


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