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4-Inch Pump Insulated

4-inch Pumps Insulated – these pumps are really difficult to insulate, but it is well worth the effort. This is what we do... we insulate "hard to insulate" areas where there is not a standard insulation cover that is manufactured.


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This is a continuation of our Stamford, Connecticut insulation project at a hot mix asphalt plant. We have not addressed this particular issue yet, but we will. Continued...

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"All I care about is how much money I can save your asphalt plant and how quickly you see the return on your investment... generally 9 months."

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This video shows the 4-inch pump after it has been insulated

As you can see, we have a 4-inch pump, as well as a flange, 90-degree elbow, which has an obstruction or some sort of jacket welded to it. This makes it extremely hard to insulate, there is not a standard cover manufactured for that. It also goes into another 90, so you have two 90’s, a couple of flanges, and four hoses, all in close proximity to the pump. This is really difficult to insulate without spending a lot of labor or material expense. But, this is what we concentrate on is doing the things that often are not covered by other insulating contractors. Additionally, there is a valve here, another flange 90, more hot oil transfer hoses, and an inline flange.

I would like to take a video at a later point once this is completed. But, this gives you an idea of what would be common, typical, and problematic in hot mix plants. Additionally, you can see there is a 5-inch riser going to an overhead storage tank. A continuation of the three-quarter hot oil piping. Then, along here, there is some more hot oil pipe, which goes over to the hot oil heater. And, under here we have some 5-inch piping, which will continue from the other side.



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